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Our Mission

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Sports can contribute immensely to improving people's physical and psychological health. They also present the world with a universal language and a sense of belonging and support. In promoting mutual respect and tolerance, sports teaches important social and interpersonal skills. Using sports to help people, especially youth, has proven to be an effective tool in keeping them from falling into a cycle of anti-social behaviour, violence, crime and drug use.    UNODC

About us

Changing Communities One Life At A Time With The Love Of God


DTRTM is using the power of sport and the Cross to improve the life of youths and adults by getting them into sports and other activities and away from crimes.

Using Sports and the Cross to    change the hearts of people.                     One Love 

Our mission is to improve and empower the lives of youths and adults in their community by providing sports and community service to those in need.

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